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Sales Count Product for WooCommerce

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Sales Count Product for WooCommerce using to in woocommerce to particular product page to how much time item is purchase before.


  • Easy Setup
  • Counter show on single product page / shop page
  • Sales counter Type
  • change position for sales counter.
  • Customize Counter text color, background color and text
  • Sales In Days Enable / Disable
  • Customize Days Counter text and Days

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Sales Count Product for WooCommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable plugin option.
  • Sales counter display on different pages customize option.
  • Counter position customize for shop & product page.
  • Sales count styles (color,normal) different customize options.
  • Sales counter and days counter title text customize.
  • Sales in days enable/disable option custimize.
  • Sales days customize for counter display.

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