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How to Create Google sheet With Contact Form 7

Step 1:

Go to your browser and select app Sheet.

Step 2: create new sheet and give name

How to get Google sheet Api Json File Download

Step 3:

Goto your browser and search  Google developers console and click here then goto this path

Google devlopers console > Create Project

Step:4 Give your Project name then create click create

Step:5 Choose your project name and  Goto  Library.

Step:6 Goto  Library and then Choose Google Sheet Api .

Step 7 :  Enable Google Sheet Api  And Follow This path

Credentials > Create credentials > Service Account

Step 8 :  Give  your Service account name then click create

Step : 9   Second Step Select    App Engine >App Engine Admin  then click continue and click Done

Step:10  Edit  Service Accounts then  follow Path    KEYS > Add Key > Create Key > Select JSON

Step:11  Select Json And click Create button And Download Json file .

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