How To auto Calculate Contact Form 7 field as cost calculator

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we provide this tutorial for how to Calculate Contact Form 7 field automatically.

First a follow you need to install below plugin for it

Step 1:

Plugin : Calculate Contact Form 7

Step 2:

We need to add some number field which need to calculate field see this demo

Step : 3

in there is is button of calculator . if you click that than there will be show calculating field option Calculate Contact Form 7

Step : 4

After that you need to add Formulas there like summation, multiplication,  dedication as we division.

you can use formulas like below:

♦ EX-1   [calculator calculator-123 "Fieldname-1 + Fieldname-2 * (Fieldname-3 + Fieldname-4)"]
♦ EX-2   [calculator calculator-900 "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]
♦ EX-3(with prefix $)   [calculator calculator-959 Prefix:$ "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]

you can also use prefix on that currency symbol or any another prefix text.
this plugin easy to use calculate cost formula as well Cost Calculate Contact Form 7
we describe more feature here

Calculate Contact Form 7 a clean, simple quote / project price / estimation plugin for your website

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