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Elegant Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce

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Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce using to woocommerce to highlight to how much amount after free shipping.

Free shipping notification bar plugin for WooCommerce will show a notification bar on your site, that will inform your user that you have free shipping available on shopping of X amount


  • Easy Setup
  • Increase sales of product
  • Need to select Shipping Zone
  • Customize Counter text color, background color and text
  • Customize Announce Text with dyanmic Cart Total
  • Show Process Bar

How It Works Elegant Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Elegant Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce

 General Settings

  •  Enable Plugin : You can be enable/disable plugin
  •  Free Shipping Zone: Here first add FreeShipping Method in this location : WooCommerce>Setting>Shipping>Shippping Zone 
  • Choose gift box image:  Here add Any image for Free shipping box 
  • Choose shipping box image:Here Enable Disable Shipping box

Design Settings


  • Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Close icon Color, Close icon background Color, Font-Size,Text Align,Enable Progress,Progress Background Color,Current Progress Background Color,Progress Text Color,Font-Size Progress Bar : Customize Option

Message Settings

  • Announce System ,Message Purchased, Message Success, Message Error : Customize Message

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