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Charity & Donation for Woocommerce

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Charity & Donation for Woocommerce provide you can be donate and charity product in woocommerce. easy to add donaction product on Woocommerce with predefine amount. Features Can set minimum and maximum allowed donation amounts Enable/Disable donation form on cart page and checkout page Option to choose between what to show donation form or popup button Option to choose where to display on cart page and checkout page Donation form label and response text… Read More »Charity & Donation for Woocommerce

Product Brand For Woocommerce

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Product Brands For Woocommerce Provide to Custom Brand Taxonomy in Woocommerce to setup in your Store. Product Brand is taxonomy of woocommerce to make seperate brand into it.it make Brand title, description and brand image. It will show in Single product page in woocommerce after add to cart button. Features Easy SetupWoocommerce Custom Taxonomyas well brand slider show in woocommerce all pageCustomizable Shortcode Customizable Color options and Slider Options Let’s We… Read More »Product Brand For Woocommerce

Save and Share Cart for WooCommerce

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Share and Save Cart For Woocommerce provide you can be directly share and save cart in your account if you want to share your cart to people you can be do by this plugin. easy to set up on  Woocommerce  qty to make Discount Price Woocommerce. Features Share Cart Button position Share Cart Button text Customize Share Cart Page Title Customize Enable or Disable different options for sharing and saving cart… Read More »Save and Share Cart for WooCommerce

Sales Count Product for WooCommerce

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Sales Count Product for WooCommerce using to in woocommerce to particular product page to how much time item is purchase before. Features Easy Setup Counter show on single product page / shop page Sales counter Type change position for sales counter. Customize Counter text color, background color and text Sales In Days Enable / Disable Customize Days Counter text and Days Let’s We discuss one by one all feature Download Sales… Read More »Sales Count Product for WooCommerce

Select Delivery Dates Woo

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Select Delivery Dates Woo  using to woocommerce to highlight to delivery date and time. Select Delivery Dates Woo When we checkout Process at that time when customer need to identify when delivery excpect customer for that use we need to know Delivery Date in woocommerce. Features Customize Date Format Using Date Format settings Add Custom Message besides the estimated delivery date Set Starting and ending delivery date e.g 22/07/2019 to… Read More »Select Delivery Dates Woo

Elegant Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce

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Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce using to woocommerce to highlight to how much amount after free shipping. Free shipping notification bar plugin for WooCommerce will show a notification bar on your site, that will inform your user that you have free shipping available on shopping of X amount Features Easy Setup Increase sales of product Need to select Shipping Zone Customize Counter text color, background color and text Customize Announce Text… Read More »Elegant Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce

How to Create Google sheet With Contact Form 7

Step 1: Go to your browser and select app Sheet. Step 2: create new sheet and give name How to get Google sheet Api Json File Download Step 3: Goto your browser and search  Google developers console and click here then goto this path Google devlopers console > Create Project Step:4 Give your Project name then create click create Step:5 Choose your project name and  Goto  Library. Step:6 Goto  Library… Read More »How to Create Google sheet With Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Signature

With Contact Form 7 much of people want to add Digital Signature in Contact form 7 therefor we recommendation plugin Signature With Contact Form 7 That plugin provide us much Good feature into Contact form 7. let’s we discuss one by one it. Features Customize Signature and Board Background Color Customize Height and Width Easy Integration Mobile Friendly Using with shortcode [signature signature-960 color:#f90000 backcolor:#efefef width:350 height:150] There is 4… Read More »Contact Form 7 Signature