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Add To Cart Popup Woocommerce

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  • Easy setup
  • All icons customize options
  • Empty Cart,View Cart, Checkout, Continue Shopping Button need to be customize
  • Remove Product From Cart Option
  • Product Selection field for popup cart slider option
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Counting Number of Product in Woocommerce
  • Cart Heading Font size, Font color, Product title size customize of Add To Cart Popup Woocommerce
  • Qty Input box in Popup cart
  • Enable/ Disable Cart Icon
  • Enable/ Disable Show Cart/Checkout page Popup Cart
  • Enable/ Disable Show/hide on particular page Popup Cart
  • Enable/ Disable in mobile device

Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Download Add To Cart Popup Woocommerce

General Settings

  • Enable/disable ajax add to cart option.
  • Enable/disable immediately open cart popup option.
  • Enable/disable trigger cart open automatically option.
  • Enable/disable header basket and close icon options.
  • Enable/disable header freeshipping text option.
  • Editable freeshipping and shipping rate text options.
  • Enable/disable cart loop product image, name, price, total, link to product page, delete product, display qty box options.
  • Enable/disable cart footer shipping total, discount, tax total, all total, viewcart button, checkout button, continue shopping button options.
  • Enable/disable product slider on desktop and mobile devices options.
  • Product multiple selection for slider in cart popup option.
  • Enable/disable cart basket option.
  • Enable/disable show cart icon, cart basket on cart and checkout pages, in mobile device, product count options.
  • Product quantity sum for all product option.
  • Order by desc and asc for product option.
  • Add page ids and hide basket on that pages option.
  • Set url for continue shopping button, cart button and checkout button options.

Custom Style Settings

  • Cart header font size customize option.
  • Cart header font color option.
  • Header cart icon and close icon customize and color options.
  • Header shipping text color option.
  • Cart loop in product title font size and color options.
  • Show and hide all details option.
  • Delete icon and icon color customize options.
  • Product Slider font size and color customize options.
  • Footer shipping text, font size, font color customize options.
  • Footer button color, text color, button margin customize options.
  • Popup cart basket icons customize option.
  • Popup cart basket shape position customize options.
  • Popup cart count position and cart ison size options customize.
  • Basket offset vertical and horizontal options.
  • Basket background color and basket color options.
  • Count background color, font color and font size options customize.

Translations Settings

  • Cart header text editable option.
  • Popup cart quantity text editable option.
  • Empty cart text editable option.
  • Add to cart button text editable option.
  • View options button text editable option.
  • Slider heading text editable option.
  • Cart footer subtotal text editable option.
  • Empty cart, view cart, checkout and continue shopping button text editable options.
  • Shipping text editable option.
  • Tax and discount text editable options.
  • Total text editable option.
  • All options customize for popup cart.

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